York House – The Office Group

Main Project Info

Our 7th and biggest, most ambitious project for The Office Group. A tired 1980’s engineering brick building on Pentonville Road with no street presence, and a dark, forbidding feel. We are significantly extending and altering the building to create a new 5 storey building constructed using an innovative lattice brickwork intended to increase a sense of transparency whilst acknowledging the essential character of the host building, and a roof extension clad in perforated aluminium folded sheet. Hidden within the host building were some gems of architectural ambition. Crafted brickwork, fluted concrete, and sculpture by esteemed British artist Geoffrey Clarke.  We worked together with Islington and their Design Review Panel to produce a project of high ambition which will deliver 65,000 sqft of co working space at the end of 2018. Watch this space.

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